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October 17, 2011
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Naruto and Jiraiya by Narusailor Naruto and Jiraiya by Narusailor
Bueno para serles sincera esta imagen no es mía solo le quite los títulos para que se viera mejor y así la puedan disfrutar y otra cosa la imagen es del DVD de Naruto Shippuden.

Todos los personajes asi como el anime y manga de Naruto son propiedad de:

Masashi Kishimoto 1999
Studio Pierrot
TV. Tokio

Para ver la Sakura Ino Hinata and Shizune dar click aqui:

Para ver la HINATA SHINO KAKASHI AND KIBA dar click aqui:

La imagen la descargue de la pagina de Minitokyo aqui esta la pagina [link]


Well to be honest this image is not mine alone to take away the titles that look better and so can enjoy the picture and another thing is the DVD of Naruto Shippuden.

All characters as well as the Naruto anime and manga are property of:

1999 Masashi Kishimoto
Studio Pierrot
TV. Tokyo

To view the Sakura Ino Hinata and Shizune to click here:

To view HINATA AND KIBA KAKASHI SHINO to click here:

The image was downloaded from the page here is the page Minitokyo [link]
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